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Lancaster Footlights auditions are open to anyone. You do not need to become a member until cast. If not stated otherwise they are held at the Grand Theatre on St Leonardgate. (Please go to the Stage Door and ring the bell or knock loudly). Experienced actors or beginners are all welcome.  We also welcome anyone who wishes to help backstage rather than "tread the boards" this space!  If you are interested in helping with set, props or costumes, why not come along and watch auditions and meet the team. 

Our Country's Good and Dick Whittington panto auditions below


AUDITION CANCELLATION - Unfortunately we have had to postpone the Our Country's Good second Audition Thursday 22nd June due to illness. Please check back here for the new date. Sorry for any inconvinience caused.


The play: Our Countrys Good begins with the journey of a group of officers and convicts, part of the first fleet to Botony Bay, who construct a penal colony following the overcrowding of the British prison systems (as a result of the fact attitudes and punishments at the time were so severe). Upon arrival many of the officers are adamant that punishment should outweigh rehabilitation and education. Contrastingly, Philip, the governor in chief, believes that theatre can be a powerful tool in creating a civilisation. Desiring to impress his superior, a young officer Ralph Clark, endeavours to direct a play made up of the convicts, initially just believing it will leave him in a better position for promotion. Along the way, the process endures several hardships as the prisoners reveal some of the most negative stereotypes of themselves to be true. A lack of communication and respect, illiteracy and old grudges hinder progress to a ludicrous level. However, by the end of the play, several of the hardest and most brutal convicts show signs of empathy, intelligence, understanding and hope. The play closes with the cast performing the opening lines to Farquar's 'The Recruiting Officer' with a tone that suggests their lives have been forever changed.


The cast:

▪     Captain Arthur Phillip, RN:  He is a calm and controlled leader - male or female aged 30s – 50s

▪     Major Robbie Ross, RM - male aged 30s – 50s ideally able to perform in a Scottish accent

▪     Captain David Collins, RM: Collins was appointed as the colony's judge on arrival at Botany Bay in 1788 and as such, his contribution to conversations at hand are generally from a legal perspective - male or female aged 30s – 50s

▪     Captain Watkin Tench, RM: Tench is an officer who dislikes all of the convicts for the simple fact that they are convicts - Male aged 20s – 50s

▪     Captain Jemmy Campbell, RM: A follower of Ross - male aged 30s – 50s

▪     Reverend Richard Johnson -  male or female aged 20s – 50s

▪     Lieutenant William Dawes, RM: The colony's astronomer, who couldn't care less about matters on earth - male or female aged 30s – 50s

▪     Lieutenant George Johnston, RM: An officer most famed for his "compassion - male aged 30s – 50s

▪     Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark: Struggling as a lower officer. He desperately wants promotion - male aged 20s – 30s (significant role)

▪     Second Lieutenant William Faddy - male aged 20s – 30s

▪     Midshipman Harry Brewer -  Male aged 30s – 50s (some sexual language in scenes)

▪     John Arscott: a convict - male aged 20s – 40s

▪     James "Ketch" Freeman: Convict transported to Australia for the killing of a sailor.  Made the hangman of the colony -  male aged 20s – 30s (ability to perform in Irish accent ideally)

▪     John Wisehammer: Transported to Australia for stealing snuff, he continues to claim his innocence - male aged 30s – 40s

▪     Black Caesar: Originally from Madagascar- black or dark skinned male aged 20s – 50s

▪     Robert Sideway: A London pickpocket - male aged 20s – 40s (very theatrical over the top)

▪     Mary Brenham (Branham): A very shy girl, whose love for "A.H." turned her into a thief - female aged late teens – 30s

▪     Dabby Bryant: Mary's friend who constantly dreams of returning to Devon. - female aged 20s – 40s

▪     Duckling Smith: A young thief and prostitute - female aged late teens – 30s (must be comfortable with scenes containing sexually suggestive language)

▪     Liz Morden: One of the most troublesome women - female aged 20s – 40s (this character has a very powerful monologue)

▪     Meg Long: Nicknamed "Shitty Meg", she acts as a madam for the other women convicts - female aged 40+ (small part with comic potential, content of a sexual nature)

▪     An Aboriginal Australian - black or dark skinned male aged 20s – 50s


Copies of the following scenes are available in the Box Office for auditions:

  • Act 1 Scene 7 Harry and Duckling go rowing (good if you would like to audition to be male officer or female convict)
  • Act 1 Scene 8 The women learn their lines (good for female auditionees, especially- but not exclusively -for those who would like a more substantial role)
  • Act 1 Scene 9 Ralph Clark tries to kiss his dear wife’s picture (good for male officer roles, Ralph in particular who is a main part. Also useful for displaying accents if reading as Ketch)

Notes from the Director,  Emma Wright

 This play is often multi-roled and is not intended to be presented in an entirely naturalistic fashion. Therefore if you would like to audition outside of the parameters of the descriptions please feel free.  Likewise if you would like to prepare a scene that is not in the prescribed list because you are very interested in auditioning for a certain character (Liz Mordens monologue is very famous) then please feel free to do so. I am more than happy to read in for characters in the audition process and Im also happy for people to perform scenes in groups. Essentially Im very flexible so feel free to make decisions that display your full potential.

2017 Pantomime - Dick Whittington Auditions 7 pm at the theatre 18 July and 20th July with dancers only on 19 July


Performance dates in December are:

Matinees: 2,3,9,10,16,17 (two performances), 23,24,26

Evenings  8, 15, 18, 20,21,22,27,28,29

Parts are:


Dick Whittington - principal boy (female)

Alice - Alderman's daughter (female)

Dame Dolly Dumpling - The alderman's cook (male)

Idle Jack - Dolly's daft lazy son (male)

Captain Cuttlefish - An odd-ball sea captain (male)

Scupper - The captain's idiotic mate (male or female)

Tom - Dick's "cool" cat (male or female)

King Rat - Immortal Baddie (male)

Queen Rat - (female)

Fairy Bowbells - (Female)

The Sultan of Morocco - also part of the chorus (can be male or female)

4 'Ratlings' small non speaking parts

Chorus - other small parts will be filled from members of the chorus