Lancaster Grand

New Foyer


 New Foyer Update Oct 2017

The new design

Over the past 18 months, various designs have been considered and we have now agreed an optimal design with 3D Reid, our selected architect (the one who produced the design for the original  scheme in 2008).  The computer generated image shows our new proposal which is in a different league to the original “glass box” concept of 2008.  It is larger and has much improved fire safety features with its “protected” fire exit from the circle.  It also has an enclosed wheelchair lift from the ground floor to the lower circle, a coffee bar and alcohol bar at street level, a new box office and a studio theatre on the second floor.  The design gives us much more flexibility in the use of the building and provides the opportunities to generate additional income with the aim of improving our long term viability.  

To date, we have raised just under £½ million towards the proposed new foyer helped by a generous donation in a legacy from a supporter of the Grand Theatre. This greatly increases our chances of securing the £1.5 million needed to build it.

Following a meeting with City Planning and the Conservation Officers, detailed design is now well underway with the target of a planning application around the new year. To assist in fund raising, we also are in the process of updating our web site to make it easier to donate as part of our renewed major fund raising drive.  Assuming we have raised the additional £1million by then, we have set the summer shut down of 2020 as our target date to carry out the major structural works to minimse programme disruption.