Lancaster Grand

Shows for November 2014


Heritage Opera

Saturday 1st November at 7:30pm

Heritage Opera returns to Lancaster with a dark tale of passion, blackmail and murder, set against the stormy backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. It tells the dramatic story of Floria Tosca, an operatic diva in love with Mario Cavaradossi a dissident in Regency Italy. Mario helps an escaped polical prisoner, attracting unwelcome attention of Baron Scarpia the ruthless chief of Rome’s secret police. Tosca and Mario find themselves in the middle of some serious trouble.

 Set in 1800 Rome, Tosca is performed in a brand new English translation, with sumptuous ‘Directoire’ style costumes and is accompanied by a 6 piece musical ensemble.

Tickets: £20/ £19 conc/ £5 under 16s

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An Evening of Mediumship with TV Psychic Tony Stockwell

Tuesday 4th November at 7:30pm


For those with an interest in Mediumship, the name of Tony Stockwell will certainly need no introduction. Tony has been working tirelessly for over 20 years to demonstrate his belief that those who have passed away can communicate with their loved ones.

Tony’s insight into the lives of total strangers is inexplicable and remarkable as he attempts to offer fascinating revelations from the other side.


Tony Stockwell is a Spiritualist Medium and spirit communication is part of his own religious belief, but we accept differing opinions exist regarding mediumship. Any demonstration of mediumship is an experiment and results are not guaranteed

Tickets: £17.50 /£17 conc

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Joe Longthorne

Wednesday 5th November at 7:30pm

This talented artist began his career over three decades ago with appearances on Junior Showtime, followed by a grounding on the tough Northern club circuit.

His big break came in 1981 when he was a finalist on London Weekend Television's Search for a Star - this led to appearances at the London Palladium with Bob Hope and The Talk of the Town. A short time later, Joe received the Variety Club of Britain award as Most Promising Artiste of the Year. Television specials in the UK and USA followed.

Joe's repertoire of voices is endless and includes hundreds of the world's top singers.  However, he is perhaps best known for his impersonation of Shirley Bassey who has commented, "Joe can do me better than I can do myself".

During his career, Joe has received gold and platinum discs for his albums, enjoyed sell-out concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as touring Australia several times.

Now, Joe is looking forward to new challenges, new songs to sing and new audiences to thrill.

Tickets: £20

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Dave Spikey - Punchlines

Friday 7th November at 7:30pm

Punchlines derive their humour from being unexpected - “Punch” indicating that the “Line” should always come as a surprise or shock. The major school of thought suggests that very few Punchlines are inherently funny out of context. There is another school of thought (actually Dave’s school of thought) that the opposite can be true. In this new show he will present evidence to support this. He quotes: - “Put some cold water in” / “As long as you don’t push me past my mothers” / No nurse I said prick his boil! and “That’s my Thermos flask!” Then of course there’s Nuns. Nuns in baths, Nuns on bikes and Prince Charles wearing a Fox hat. Dave will also argue that you don’t always need a Punchline for a joke to be hilarious and suggests that if you doubt him, you should ask the bloke with the big orange head.

Tickets: £18.50 / £17.50 conc

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Bridge Over Troubled Lager

Rory McGrath and Philip Pope

Saturday 8th November at 7:30pm

After their hit dad-rock album Dark Side of the Moob, Rory and Philip return to touring with an evening of sophisticated comedy and song. Expect wit, elegance and clever musical pastiche (but don't worry, there's also silliness and filth).   This is the show where music and comedy meet, have a few drinks, fight, then stagger home singing hits from the 60s.  Something to offend everybody.

Rory and Philip played the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 at Assembly George Square - their first Edinburgh outing for 23 years. 

Rory, star of BBC Two’s Three Men In A Boat, and Philip first worked together in 1983 on the Channel 4 comedy Chelmsford 123. It was the first series from Hat Trick Productions, which Rory co-founded.  

Rory McGrath is a comedian and writer, best known for roles in Who Dares Wins, Chelmsford 123, Three Men in a Boat and its successors. He was also a regular panelist on They Think It's All Over.


Philip Pope is a composer, musician, writer and actor, who appeared in BBC radio comedies Radio Active and Old Harry's Game; TV comedy shows Who Dares Wins, Chelmsford 123, KYTV, Blackadder (Leonardo Acropolis), Only Fools and Horses (Tony Angelino). He toured as a member of the cast of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Radio Series Live!  a show for which he was also musical director. He also wrote or co-wrote many comic songs for Not The Nine o'Clock News and Spitting Image including the British Number 1 hit single 'The Chicken Song'. 

Tickets: £16

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Music Hall Tavern

Paul Carroll's MHT show

Sunday 9th November at 7:30pm

Entertaining audiences all year round across the Canary Islands, this fabulous comedy drag show has left unforgettable memories with the thousands of holiday makers who have visited its venues. This hilarious evening of full of dazzling costumes, side splitting comedy and a cast of unique characters is not to be missed. This two hour singing and dancing spectacular, wrapped up as only MHT can, is not to be missed. Book now to secure your seats for the funniest show in town!!

Tickets: £20/£18 conc

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Marcus Brigstocke: Je M'accuse - I am Marcus

Wednesday 12th November at 8pm

Podium dancer, oil rig worker, food addict, musical theatre enthusiast, posh, eco-hypocrite, ex-Goth, muppet fan, award winning comedian and chief beverages operator at the Little Chef – screw politics! Let’s talk about me.
“If you haven't seen him live, then you haven't seen him at his very best” *****The Mirror
"Rare is the stand-up show that makes you laugh, think and then fight back the tears. This is it" **** The Daily Telegraph
Don’t miss this incredible show”. Sunday Mirror

Tickets: £15

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Al Murray The Pub Landlord: One Man, One Guvnor

Friday 14th November at 7:30pm

Twenty years ago, Britain’s favourite publican Al Murray, The Pub Landlord, embarked on his one man mission as the King Cnut of Commom Sense, holding back a tide of bottled beer and ninny state nonsense.

To celebrate this milestone join this icon on his new tour with his new tour with his brand new show One Man, One Guvnor

Tickets: £25.50

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An Evening with Gervase Phinn

Saturday 15th November at 7:30pm

Gervase Phinn has been touring theatres across the country for over 10 years now as a hilarious raconteur. This best selling and award winning author and Radio and TV personality is really at his best and most exciting in front of a live audience.

An Evening with Gervase Phinn will have you on the edges of your seats as he shares his hilarious and sometimes poignant tales of life as a schools inspector in the Yorkshire Dales. Dubbed “the James Herriot of schools”.

With his keen ear for the absurd and sharp eye for the ludicrous, Gervase Phinn has delighted audiences all over the UK with stories of his experiences as a school inspector. His shows have received rave reviews all across the country.

Tickets: £17.50

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Tickets can be collected from the box office in advance or half an hour before the show.

Little man in costume hired from the Lancaster Grand Costume Dept.